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Archetype Identification​

Identify your Entrepreneurial Archetype Breakdown by taking the quiz and receiving your results.

Learn about your unique 4-Quadrant Breakdown and understand why each Archetype falls into the position it does.

Each position has a different implication in the way you get motivated, energized, how you work, de-energized, and more.


Audit Your Archetype

After you’ve identified your Archetype Breakdown, the next step is to audit your current business model, offers, practices, and team to determine where there is alignment and where there are mismatches.

You may notice that your 4th Archetype is the one you’re spending the most time in, or that you need to really activate another Archetype to reach your next goal.

This audit can be done through our Entrepreneurial Archetype Universe.


Archetype Implementation

Implement your new and improved Archetype-based strategies into your business by setting aligned goals, making new hires, coming up with new workflows, re-organizing your schedule, and so much more.

Real Stories from Real Customers

We built the Archetypes for the real world – not just for theory.

I’ve been running online businesses for 11 years. In that time, I’ve worn a lot of hats: writer and content creator; marketer; teacher; coach; entrepreneur; consultant; advisor to multimillion dollar brands and companies. And what I’ve learned is that while I’m “good” at a lot of it, I only really excel at what I truly love: writing and teaching. Every time I forget that lesson, it costs me a few hundred thousand dollars.

This time, I was lucky enough to have the Entrepreneurial Archetype to check me on my bullshit. I’m a creator and a teach. I can make way more money (and lose way less) and have all the success in the world focusing on what I do best: write and teach.
John Romaniello
I always knew there were different and unique personalities inside me of me but didn't understand how they showed up to business, which ones empowered me, and which ones held me back. Completing the Entrepreneurial Archetype quiz gave me a lot of clarity into how I showed up best and why I sometimes felt stuck. Since implementing the key lessons, I've felt in so much more flow, understanding my boundaries better, and know what I need to get support on. Life is way better.
Julian DeSchutter
Ever since learning about Entrepreneurial Archetypes, I have expanded my confidence in both leadership and co-creation. I love the how simple it was to identify my archetype and implement it in every area of my business. It allowed me to gain clarity on supporting my own needs & the needs of my team, and also staying so present in my power that I allow others to show up in their power for a harmonious collaboration. Seriously game changing as both an entrepreneur & a content creator.
Adrian Ellison
Relationship + Self Healing Coach [Creator/Coach]

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