The Most Powerful Money Mindset For Your Archetype

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The Money Mindset of Your Next Level: Coach, Creator, Teacher, Entrepreneur

What did you learn about money growing up? What were your experiences around money, and what beliefs did you adopt about yourself, others, or the world as a result? How was your money mindset shaped?

  • Does money cause pain?
    Is it easy to make money but challenging to keep it?
  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • Money causes a lot of problems and arguments, so avoid it at all costs?
  • Do you need to compromise your integrity to make money?
  • You have to make money to be liked and accepted?
  • The more money you make, the safer you’ll be?

Growing up, we all had different experiences relating to money: and each of these experiences shaped how we relate to money as adults: that is until we begin observing them and working to change them.

The memories and associated emotions you have around money form your belief system about money. These inner paradigms (also known as subconscious programming) affect your actions, inactions, and reactions to money and your business.

Additionally, your Entrepreneurial Archetype is an energy field with collective experiences of money that you may hold.

This is why you might notice people like you—with your archetype breakdown—likely have similar money mindset paradigms.

The unconscious ego (the part of our psyches that runs thoughts and stories all day long) will be running whatever program it build to keep you safe, which may look like:

  • Anxious or avoidant attachment to money (stress, fear, shame, immobilization, inaction)
  • Unconsciously push money away/sabotaging
  • Buying into the belief that money or people who have money are bad

As you begin healing these memories and beliefs, you’ll shift into a higher state of conscious awareness around money. The healthy ego (the part that runs thoughts and stories but is less actively destructive or harmful) still will relate to money as a reflection of one’s self-worth and value. It’s less in a protective mode (pushing money away) and more in receptive mode—yet, attached to its own identity.

The place beyond the ego is where we observe our thoughts and stories rather than identify with them. Thus, it’s also where we view money as a manifestation of the energetic exchange between two human beings.

The work carried out and skills developed to become valuable within their market/industry and match for self-worth is embodying daily.

If you have any struggles around money, this article will help you clarify two main questions:

  • What kind of money blocks does my Entrepreneurial Archetype have?
  • How are they affecting my business results?

Coach Money Mindset

The Coach is here to be of service and help people transform. Many coaches feel very deeply that they were put on this Earth to HELP and SERVE.

Maybe they knew this from a young age and received praise from their caregivers or friends for being supportive. Or perhaps they grew up in an environment where they learned that helping got them love and attention.

Ask yourself: where did I realize that being of service was a strategy that could benefit me in life?

The Collective Coach Archetype (which means the general energy field of this Archetype) has also had pain around money: specifically about charging for their gifts.

Historically, it’s taught that if you are a “good person,” you should serve others for free or very little money.

Maybe you felt as though it was more in integrity to serve without pay, or you watched the vulnerable get taken advantage of when they couldn’t afford the care they truly needed.

These experiences formed beliefs around money that may be keeping you stuck: specifically, that MAKING MONEY FOR YOUR SERVICE MAKES YOU A BAD PERSON.

The Unconscious Ego says:

“I want to charge more, but I feel bad and don’t want to take advantage of anybody. I want to help everybody, so charging less makes more sense. If people don’t have the money, I won’t follow up or chase them. Taking money from people makes me feel slimy. I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

The Healthy Ego says:

“My prices are based on my worth, which I’ve come to know as high. They are also a reflection of the time, effort, and energy required for the service–along with the energy I spent developing my skills. I can shift prices if I want to serve communities at different levels.”

Beyond Ego says:

“My prices are simply a reflection of the aligned energy exchange for the value of the transformation experience provided for the people who are the most connected to my services. They are not based on my worth as a human being.”

5 Ways to To Transform Your Coach Money Mindset

1. Acknowledge the truth that you can be both ethical and successful.

Do you know anyone currently who has money, acts with integrity and is also happy? IF not, look for them. You may not have any evidence that it’s possible–nevermind possible for you. I can assure you, it is.

2. Ask yourself: do I trust myself to market my services with integrity, even if I see other people being sleazy?

One of the core fears Coach Archetypes have when the market is that they’re manipulating someone into paying for something, even if it’s something they need. Understandable, as a lot of marketing practices aren’t the most ethical. But there are ways to infuse your values into your marketing copy and methods; it’s just a matter of teaching what you know about marketing and removing language that feels manipulative.

3. Begin a self-pleasure practice to receive, feel, and embody more pleasure.

This could look like blasting your favorite song, putting on a candle, or taking a long bath. Practicing feeling pleasure in your body will anchor a connection between money and pleasure subconsciously.

4. Take financial ownership of your situation by taking the necessary steps to know your numbers, get support, and take action.

This could look like opening up a savings account, hiring a financial manager/bookkeeper, or being certain all invoices have been paid.

5. Heal your relationship with the past memories associated with money.

In reviewing how you may have adopted other people’s beliefs about money or have had difficult experiences with money in the past: embark on a path of acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and rewriting those old beliefs.

Creator Money Mindset

The Creator is here to embody authentic self-expression and inspire others to do the same. Many creators feel very deeply that they are put on this Earth to create and express their true selves.

The Collective Creator Archetype (which means the general energy field of this Archetype) has also had pain around money: specifically about charging for their most internal, authentic expression.

Historically, it’s taught that their creativity (be it painting, video, photography, dance, signing, product creation, or otherwise) wasn’t enough to make money and exist in the real world.

In contrast, there had to be some way to reconcile that truth without making it mean that they (as a person) aren’t enough to exist in the real world as they are.

In turn, this Archetype adopted the belief that MAKING MONEY INVALIDATES YOUR CREATIONS/MAKES YOU A SELL-OUT.

It’s a form of self-protection.

The Unconscious Ego says:

“I don’t do any of this for the money. The worst thing an artist can be is a sell-out. Creating for art isn’t about making money, destroying the integrity and entire point of creation. Monetizing your inspiration or expression takes away from the purity of that inspiration or expression.”

The Healthy Ego says:

“My creativity is valuable, and charging allows me to make money doing what I love; expressing myself. I make sure I’m well compensated for my time, effort, and energy. Having structure in my business allows me to be more creative, and it’s healthy for me to spend time focusing on my numbers.”

Beyond Ego says:

“Abundance is magnetized to me when I’m in my fullest creative expression. When I flow, it flows back to me naturally. I welcome money with open arms.”

5 Ways To Transform Your Creator Money Mindset

1. Reclaim your inherent Creative Genius as a vessel for art to move through you.

  • Maybe you weren’t told this by society, but you are the beating heart that keeps our results-focused world entertained, inspired, and alive.

2. Get the book: The Artist’s Way and begin using the tools within the text.

  • It’s one of the best ways for anyone to reclaim their Inner Creator. It is healing from all of the places that have caused you to shut down around your expression.

3. Acknowledge your shadow of not wanting to be seen as a Sell-Out or that there’s no one who will support your art.

  • In 2020, fewer and fewer creators needed to wait to be acknowledged and have so much more opportunity to sell direct. There’s room for you.

4. Begin using your creative expression as a core tenant in your weekly to do’s.

  • Block out time to be creative, feel your feelings, express yourself, play, and become inspired. Document this process, or share as you go with your audience.

5. Create products or offers (digital or tangible) that represent your creative expression, and then charge for them.

  • If people don’t buy at first, learn more about conscious marketing and business specifically. Rejecting these skills only hurts you and your art.

Teacher Money Mindset

The Teacher is here to educate and inform. Many teachers feel very deeply; they are put on this Earth to learn as much information as possible and share that with those who will benefit the most.

The Collective Teacher Archetype has also had pain around money: specifically money being linked to intellect and achievement. Historically, it’s taught that the smarter they are, the better a college they go to, the more books read, means the more successful they will be.

Maybe you felt angry, frustrated, or resentful toward less educated people than you, who are making more money.

These experiences formed beliefs around money that may be keeping you stuck: specifically that THE MORE YOU KNOW AND ACHIEVE, THE MORE MONEY YOU SHOULD MAKE.

The Unconscious Ego says:

“The more qualified I become, the more I should make. It’s frustrating that less qualified and knowledgeable people make more money than I do. That’s not right. Also: knowledge and information should be free or low-priced, like in books. Haven’t you heard of Google?”

The Healthy Ego says:

“The time, effort, and energy it took for me to learn and embody this information are valuable. I can provide both free and paid knowledge and feel confident in doing so. I will build a legacy by sharing information and educating my audience. The work I’ve done to become this valuable is how I recognize my worth.”

Beyond Ego says:

“I am a vessel for the transmission of powerful information that changes the lives of those who receive it. Money is simply the energetic exchange for the value experienced by that transmission through my lens and voice.”

5 Ways to To Transform Your Teacher Money Mindset

1. Claim who you are today.

You will always learn more, get smarter, and gain more credibility in the future. But to a particular person, you’re entirely credible precisely as you are today. Don’t allow “other people in your space” to be a reason you think you aren’t ready, qualified enough, or smart enough.

2. Determine who this person is.

Ask yourself: where are they at in their journey? What do they not know? What do they know? What can I teach them? The truth is: you probably don’t SEE your ideal client because you follow people who you admire or look up to, rather than potential customers.

3. Stay in your lane.

Other people will do what they do, and that has nothing to do with you. The top expert in your space could be charging a certain amount because they aren’t the best at business, which doesn’t mean you need to charge less. Remember: there are people out there less qualified than you, doing what you want to do, just because they believe they can.

5. Build frameworks and tangible tools.

  • The best way to add value isn’t always to add more information, but to make the execution of that information simple and easy to do. The value of your offers will go through the roof when you can help people integrate the information.
  • Ask yourself what you’ve learned about money from your caregivers or adults in life from childhood.
  • Do you still align with and resonate with those beliefs, or are they someone else’s? If no, write down the ideas you WANT to have about money, and claim them yours.

Architect Money Mindset

The Architect is here to disrupt, innovate, and solve problems. Many entrepreneurs feel very deeply that they exist to do what others won’t.

The Collective Architect Archetype has also had pain around money: specifically about money being the outcome, a tool to learn about and manipulate to gain power or influence.

Historically, it’s taught that when they make money, they’re loved. Maybe you felt as though you needed to save your family by making a lot of money, or that the only way people would pay attention to you is when you achieved something. Maybe you feel good when you get a lot of validation, which helps your inner child feel safe. All of these are responses to trauma and early life experiences.

These experiences formed beliefs around money that may be keeping you stuck: specifically that THAT MONEY IS THE END-GOAL.

The Unconscious Ego says:

“Finances, conversions, and numbers are the end-goal. The result is always what I set out to achieve. My focus is on controlling these measurements, learning how to manipulate them to receive what I want.”

The Healthy Ego says:

“My numbers are tools for me to audit the success of the business, make adjustments, new investments, hire more team members, and help more people. I also proudly enjoy the fruits of my labor and a higher quality of life provided to me by money.”

Beyond Ego says:

“Finances, conversions, and numbers are a representation of energetic exchange. My relationship with my numbers is healthy and secure–in that, I can pay close attention to the details while staying grounded. I am an energetic match for the financial Abundance I desire, and it does not define me–but amplifies me.”

5 Ways to To Transform Your Architect Money Mindset

1. Build richness into life outside of business.

  • You may be stuck hyper-focused on money or your business, so build out the other pillars of your life: play, relationships, sexuality, beingness, travel, hobbies, self-development, reading (non-business books!), movies, and anything else.

2. Ask yourself: what is the core driver underneath my ambition?

  • If it has anything to do with proving yourself, receiving validation, being recognized by other big names, etc., it may be something to unpack.
  • These things aren’t inherently wrong, they’re simply a high identification with the ego and having a lot of momentum to generate results. If you look at the wounding that’s driving you, you may find there’s healing opportunities available.

3. Acknowledge: You can stay ambitious while healing the underlying wounding attached.

When you heal from the wounding that may be driving you to build big, you’ll be left with your most natural core drivers and operate from a different space.

4. Nurture your relationship with yourself.

  • There are parts of you that relate to money in particular ways; maybe you cling to controlling it, manipulating it, and doing everything you can to optimize it. Perhaps you make a lot of it, then avoid looking at your bank account. Start a line of communication with these parts of yourself in a journal. A great place to start is by asking, “Hi, what do you have to say? What do you need? What’s your story?”

5. Receive support around money with someone practical and grounded.

  • A financial manager, CFO, partner, or bookkeeper will act as the voice of reason when you make financial decisions. Although Architect and reasonable economic team members don’t always agree or align, it’s helpful for you to have an anchor of accountability.
  • On the flip side, you may work better with support from a money coach or someone from a different space who can help you create more by transforming your beliefs.

Mastering Money is More About Uncovering Yourself Than Anything Else

Achieving financial liberation is a combination of healing your past, understanding yourself, and taking empowering action for your future.

Money shifts hands based on many things. Many of which we cannot control. What you can control are your beliefs and emotions.

Your Entrepreneurial Archetype holds collective pain around money in a particular way. Ask yourself which of the Archetye’s Money Stories resonates most with you, and build upon that in your work.

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