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Together, we can help The World unlock It's entrepreneurial potential.

First, Came The Entrepreneurial Archetype Quiz.
Now Comes The EA Universe.

The global platform for entrepreneurial growth.

About The Platform

The EA Universe is the only personality-driven entrepreneurial growth platform – designed from the ground up for a new generation of entrepreneurs: the Architects, Creators, Coaches, and Teachers.

It is a place where all different kinds of entrepreneurs can focus on gaining measurable skills and making meaningful entrepreneurial progress all while unlocking their individual potential.

The EA Universe was created through years of studying how strategy, psychology, emotions,  archetypes, and personality form the patterns of predictable success in entrepreneurship.

Combining experts from across the world in psychology, engineering, mathematics, personality, business strategy, design thinking, and integrated software – the EAUniverse has become the new global platform for entrepreneurial growth.

And now, we need your help to grow it.

Our Entrepreneurial Mission

Our mission is to help guide entrepreneurs to their truest and most-aligned potential – unlocking and unleashing the entrepreneurial gifts inside each and everyone one of us.

This is where you come in

Together, we can help the world find and unlock their entrepreneurial gifts.

We built the platform to facilitate a truly personalized entrepreneurial growth journey.

A place where one-size does not fit all, but rather your unique talents and style are at the forefront. A place for Architects, Creators, Coaches, and Teachers to focus on measurable progress while unlocking and developing their individuality.

And if you’re a passionate business owner who aligns with the Entrepreneurial Archetype Ethos, there’s something even bigger to announce.

Today, it’s your chance to join our new Global Brand Team on the way to hyper-growth by becoming and EA Universe ambassador.

What Our Current Ambassadors Have To Say

Who We Are Looking For

We are on a mission to align with Architects, Teachers, Creators, and Coaches that want to help entrepreneurship flourish.

You should apply to become an ambassador if you fit the following:

  • You own and run your own business or are directly involved in the success of a startup/brand.
  • You seek opportunities to grow, develop, and expand both your personal and professional endeavors.
  • You are active online, creating and sharing content in a medium that best suits your audience.
  • You have an engaged, contextual community of followers and audience members.
  • You actively use the Entrepreneur Archetype framework in your daily business, hiring, operations and team.
  • You want to be directly integrated into the development of the platform on an ongoing basis.
  • You are interested in becoming part of the EA Universe team from the ground level, through to it becoming a global brand.
If that sounds like you, click here.
So, What's In It For You?

When you become an ambassador, you become part of the EAU family, and we take care of our own.

As an ambassador, you will receive:

  • EAU Access – Unlimited access to the EA Universe.
  • Growth Tools – Access to our suite of growth-marketing tools to help grow your own business.
  • Ambassador Profile – An “Ambassador” profile in the EAU community that includes an Ambassador tag, a unique profile page, and inclusion on our Ambassadors list and Thought-Leaders page.
  • Commissions – A % recurring commission on all members that join because of you, as well as a % commission on all future member expansion sales.
  • High-Impact Community – Access to the EA Universe Ambassador community surrounding you with other high-impact entrepreneurs passionate about growing their business.

So, you ready to join?

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You've got the entrepreneurial spirit.
And we've got the tools to help you grow.

The EA Ambassador Universe is a place for entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators of all types to expand their reach, impact others, and grow their revenue in a rapidly changing world.

With our personality-driven growth platform built from the Entrepreneurial Archetype Breakdown System, we can provide you and your clients with measurable business progress while playing a pivotal role in developing the EA Universe.

This is where you can focus on what matters most to you without worrying about being boxed into one category or another by traditional systems that shun individuality.

Join us today and become part of a global brand on a mission for hyper-growth.

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