The Global Platform for Entrepreneurial Growth.

We are on a mission to enable entrepreneurship for everyone and think that together, we can amplify the message we are both spreading.

Our Mission

We exist to help everyone unlock their entrepreneurial potential and bring their value, skills, and talents to the world.

We believe in entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit and are on a mission to enable entrepreneurship for everyone through education, community, connections, and strategies, helping entrepreneurs become more successful, more quickly and with less risk.


The Global Platform for
Entrepreneurial Growth.

EAUniverse is the first ever personality-driven education platform and curated community, designed to help entrepreneurs succeed faster.

We curate and bring together the best entrepreneurial knowledge, education, community, connections, and strategies to empower entrepreneurs bring their value to the world more successfully.

The EAUniverse Experience

The Entrepreneurial Business Coach in your Back Pocket.

The EAUniverse provides entrepreneurs with personalized guidance, support, accountability, and education, supporting them to build businesses that work on an individual level.

Customized To The Individual

Curated To Each Entrepreneur's Unique Psychology and Business Goals.

Growing a business isn’t easy and there are an infinite (and overwhelming) amount ways to reach the goal.

Inside the EAUniverse, we've curated the most impactful, needle-moving, tailored-to-the-individual resources to get there, based on each entrepreneur's unique personality and goals.

Growing Together

Supported by a Growing Community of Entrepreneurs

EAUniverse amplifies entrepreneurial growth by connecting a diverse group of entrepreneurs that have shared values, but different interests, experience levels and skill sets.

Share experiences, learn from others who have done it before, and get a diverse range of perspective on all sorts of entrepreneurial issues.

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This is where you come in..

Let's keep spreading entrepreneurship with the world.

We love what you are all about and think that together we could have a conversation that would ignite a fire in people’s minds.

Learn more about our founders below and if you feel like EAUniverse is a fit, we’d love to schedule in a time to podcast together.

Meet Our Founders

Amanda Bucci

Creator – Coach – Teacher – Architect

Amanda is a business consultant, energy and alignment coach, influencer, and the original creator of Entrepreneurial Archetype Quiz™.

She helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and creators understand who they are, connect to their authenticity, and build businesses that are in alignment with their energetic blueprints.

With her certifications in Spiritual Psychology and 8+ years of experience in the online business and coaching world, Amanda can help anyone find their purpose.

Her signature topics.

  • Decoding your true self through the Entrepreneurial Archetype
  • How to brand yourself based on your Archetype Breakdown
  • Business Energetics: Creating balance through mastering your internal state

Josh Hamilton

Architect - Creator - Teacher - Coach

Entirely disinterested in traditional “jobs”, Josh has been building, running and scaling businesses from the fresh age of 13. A master of data, analytics, and systems, Josh is a born Architect who spends most of his time focus on vision and execution.

His signature topics.

  • Building systems that enable growth and scale.
  • Entrepreneurship as a tool for freedom.
  • The power of understanding and aligning with your architect.
  • Bringing behavioral data science to the front lines.

Julian DeSchutter


Julian’s passions blend between building things that enable people to live more in alignment and every detail of the ecosystem around that needed to become success.

Head of Product at EAUniverse, he has a natural curiosity and a drive to push boundaries – both psychologically and technologically.

Throughout his 15+ year entrepreneurial career, he has developed products across numerous industries including entrepreneurship, technology, and human psychology.

His signature topics.

  • Self-awareness as a tool for entrepreneurial expression and success.
  • The creator economy and how the internet, web3, and online education will change continue to change everything.
  • Product development
  • Entrepreneurship as the life blood of the economy.
  • Community building as a marketing channel.
So, What's In It For You?

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Not only will you get an awesome conversation with entrepreneurs out in the world doing things, but for each podcast, we will…

  • Turn The Episode Into Bite-Sized Content – After the episode, our content team will turn our episode in bite-sized content you can share on your social network.
  • Community Shoutouts – We share all our external content with not only our social network, but our internal EAU community!
  • Affiliate Opportunities – We love rewarding those that help us grow and succeed. If you’re interested, we’re happy to discuss affiliate opportunities before the podcast!

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