How (and When) to Activate Each Entrepreneurial Archetype Within

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To successfully run an online business, all four of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes must be integrated and implemented. There will always be stuck points in your process–usually correlated to whichever archetypal energy sits lower down in your 4-Quadrant Breakdown.

This article will teach you exactly how and when to activate the Inner Archetypes within you.

Activating Your Inner Architect

The Inner Architect is the part of you that sees a vision, innovates to solve problems (on a macro and micro level), and builds a structure to ensure it gets actualized into the world. This is the energy to build containers that can solve problems.

This could look like business model strategy, hiring team members to execute on the vision, or mapping out an email funnel. You recognize the importance of structure before execution—things can truly take off when there’s a solid foundation built—and you have the ambition to make it happen.⠀

Depending on your secondary type, your Architect will express through different modalities.

You activate your Architect through implementing and spending energy on structuring, planning, mapping, and innovating (working ON the business, rather than just IN the business.)

How To Activate Your Inner Architect

  • Having monthly, quarterly, and yearly strategy-planning sessions with yourself, your coach, or a team,
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills like copywriting, marketing, sales, and finances.
  • Set up systems to make your life easier (calendly, email automations, free opt-ins, sales pages).
  • Turning your problem-solving brain on.
  • Connecting to the fire element (joy, aliveness, vitality, strength).

You Activate Your Inner Architect When You:

  • Need to get organized and clear on the “how”
  • Need to learn how to find calm within the chaos of your business/projects.
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level.
  • Are sitting on a pile of financial and impact potential.

Activating Your Inner Coach

The Inner Coach is the part of you that is empathetic, understanding, but challenges your clients because you see their potential. You’re there to expand their perspective, guide them with actionable steps, and help them navigate their process. It is your greatest joy to see your clients succeed—and they love being supported by you.

You activate this part of you when you are in-process with your clients, delivering on your service, and helping them move through their challenges. You are the guide or mentor in THEIR hero’s journey.

Depending on your secondary type, your Teacher will express through different modalities.

How To Activate Your Inner Coach:

  • Open up conversations with your followers in DMs asking them how they are, without an agenda aside from simply getting to know them.
  • Create the space to go into the depths with 1-3 people.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Be extremely curious and open-minded, and open-hearted.
  • Share your story and your emotional process–activating relatability and human experience normalization.
  • Learning more powerful questions to ask clients for deeper inquiry.
  • Giving your clients room to express and share what’s really going on with them.
  • Learning communication tools to better hold space for your clients.
  • Share your own story, process, and journey on social media.

You Activate Your Inner Coach When You:

  • Your clients and customers need your support and attention
  • Customer service will make or break your reputation and retention rates.
  • You need to develop real relationships with your audience to build your know, like, and trust factor.
  • You need to just be a human, relating with another human in service and love. 

Activating Your Inner Creator

 The Inner Creator is the part of you that flows, receives, and ideates. It’s the part that falls into the “art” of whatever it is you’re doing.

This could look like your content writing, your ideas for different types of content, your brand, the design-essence of your live event, or the editing you put behind your YouTube video.⠀

Depending on your secondary type, your Creator will express through different modalities.

You activate your creator through MOVEMENT (creativity turns on when we move our energy), emotional connection (ever feel deeply excited and passionate and it’s almost like the words are dying to come out of you) and most importantly—SPACE.

The creator requires respect for its creative process. It’s not linear or is it predictable. Give it room to express, to breathe, to connect to the cosmos.

How To Activate Your Inner Creator:

  • Give yourself 2+ hours to dive into your creative project. ideate, write, design, etc. in your most enjoyable space.
  • Connect to your emotions. Get inspired, feel into the passion of your project: anything that activates you.
  • “Shutting off” from doing during weekends or at night
  • Getting clear on what you do that activates your creative process the most
  • Move with flow: dancing, embodiment practices, shaking (connect to your body)
  • Play and PLEASURE.

You Activate Your Inner Creator When You:

  • Need to spend time enhancing the experience of your project.
  • Need to turn on the idea-center in your brain and receive downloads for new ideas
  • Feel like everyone is saying and doing the same exact thing–including you.

Activating Your Inner Teacher

The Inner Teacher is the part of you that is the credible authority figure—prepared to break down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest lessons. They are both the student and the teacher; one does not exist without the other.

This could look like building out a framework for an online course, webinar, or method you’re developing. It could look like sharing educational information through social media, and teaching it to your students through a podcast, post, article, email, event, or livestream.

Depending on your secondary type, your Teacher will express through different modalities.

You activate your Teacher when you put structure to what you already know, sharpen your skills and be the student, and backup your claims with references and examples. You step into this role when it’s time to express your expertise to a “room” full of people, or when it’s time to increase those credibility markers.

How To Activate Your Inner Teacher

  • Put structure to what you know. Make it easy to digest and understand through a method, framework, or lesson.
  • Decide to be the student when you see opportunity to sharpen your skills, develop new skills, or learn more about your area of expertise.
  • Gathering research, quotes, and data about your area of expertise from the masters who came before you
  • Delivering a powerful tactical piece of content to demonstrate your expertise

You Activate Your Inner Teacher When You:

  •  It’s time to be the authority, rather than waiting to respond to clients.
  • You need to express your expertise in a class, webinar, book, podcast, or event.
  • You know a 1:many approach would serve your audience and your business goals.
  • You feel as though your brand needs an increased level of credibility to break past a plateau.⠀
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