The birth of the

Entrepreneurial Archetypes

The Entrepreneurial Archetype Theory

In 1947, Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung described archetypes as the “contents of the collective unconscious–which is a set of memories and ideas that are shared amongst all of humanity. In our culture, we’ve seen archetypes permeate across all cultures as themes and characters.

Archetypes are energies, patterns, and personas that have existed since the beginning of time–and we can use them as ways to understand different personality types in humanity. The Entrepreneurial Archetypes™ are made for the generation who grew up in the age of the Internet; utilizing digital marketing, social media marketing, and the online ecosystem as a means to express their personality traits and fulfill their purpose here on Earth. 

When we connect with our Entrepreneurial Archetypes™, we’re connecting with our innermost essence of our souls; and therefore, our purpose here on earth. 

Archetypes live in the big beautiful cosmos, swirling with potential. Stereotypes live in a small box with a tight lid.

Let’s imagine we pass someone on the street.

When we stereotype, we reduce them.

We make assumptions, limit, judge, assess, decide.

We misunderstand their complexity.

We think we know their story.

Most devastatingly, we deem ourselves as separate.

With stereotypes comes the pain of contraction.

If, however, we relate to this persona archetypal, we become curious.

We see coexisting potentials within them.

We see their struggle and their shine.

We realize they are unknowable and multilayered.

We begin to relate, reveal, heal, connect.

We see ourselves in them and them in us.

All of this can happen within a split second, without their knowing.

With archetypes comes the freedom of expansion.
Everything belongs.

Kim Krans
The Wild Unknown Archetypes Guidebook

What Are The Entrepreneurial Archetypes?

The Entrepreneurial Archetypes are universal, timeless energetic patterns that insist on unifying us as a collective and showing us the infinite nature of our being.

They inform our innermost template of natural qualities, energies, motivations, core wounds, and patterns that provide awareness to our greatest opportunities for contribution to the planet and individual conscious awakening.

In layman’s terms: they are four different personality types that exist in the Online Entrepreneurial, Coaching, Educational, and Influencer spaces that consist of different qualities that help us understand ourselves, our roles, and our most aligned business strategy.

6 Keys To Understanding The Archetype System


You Are All Of Them

Everyone has these archetypes inside of them (remember, they all live in the collective unconscious), it’s a matter of using this quiz as a tool to learn how they all sit inside of you. Even if you feel like “that’s just not me,” there’s a way to use that as a means of either filling that gap inside of yourself, with a team member, business partner, or other person. But you are whole, and you have it all.


They Can Be Activated

Even if a certain archetype isn’t high up (in your Q1 or Q2), it can be activated within you. It may not feel natural, and it will likely require extra effort–but all of these types can be activated, nurtured, and fully turned on. Pay attention to your perceived “weaknesses” and recognize them as opportunities to grow. The archetypes in your Q3 and Q4 are your greatest teachers in life.


The Energetics

The 4 archetypes exist on a masculine feminine spectrum–just like us humans do. Polar opposites attract and crave each other–and when healthy, can support each other in the deepest of ways. This is the Sacred Union of polar opposites. Yin Yang Theory says that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites–just like night and day, young and old, winter and summer, dark and light. According to Chinese theory, the yin is the passive, negative force and the yang is the active, positive force. The entrepreneurial archetypes exist within this same theory; where the architect and teacher exist in  the active, masculine “yang,” and the creator and coach exist in the passive, feminine “yin.” 


They Are Dynamic

Dependent on how you as a person (with your own life experiences, trauma, qualities, and more) move around these archetypal energies. The Entrepreneurial Archetypes are not the only way to understand yourself, and truly: you can never be defined by small boxes. The archetypes are best understood and used when you pair them with your own personal discovery journey — with other tools like Astrological Charts, Human Design, Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, and your own work.


They Are Seasonal

Dependent on the stage of entrepreneurship and personal development you’re in, the archetypes will shift their meaning for you. When you’re newer to your process, you’ll most often fall into your primary and secondary archetypes. As you begin to scale and grow, you’ll need to activate and turn on your other archetypes. The archetypes may change meaning for you as you explore how you relate to each of them, and as you develop your skills and mastery in your space.


They Need To Be Integrated

The Integrated Architect is the person who has played in all of these roles and energies and integrated the Universal lessons of each. This usually entails some form of struggle, failure, or breakdown. Doing it wrong is usually how we learn to do it right.

Understand, align, and activate your inner Architect, Coach, Creator, and Teacher

What do you do with the Archetypes?

Making it to this website or our Instagram account is only the first step in this journey. From this moment on, you’ll forever be changed. You’ll watch yourself identify even deeper with your archetype, read more about it, question your previous ways of thinking, and understand yourself and your business actions in an entirely new way. However; reading about something doesn’t mean anything without aligned action behind it.

Here’s our three-step process for taking:


Archetype Identification

Identify your Entrepreneurial Archetype Breakdown by taking the quiz  and receiving your results. Read about your 4-Quadrant System and understand why each archetype falls in the position it does. Each position has a different implication in the way you get motivated, energized, de-energized, wounded, and more.


Archetype Audit

After you’ve identified your breakdown, the next step is to audit your current business model, offers, practices, and team to determine where there are mismatches. You may notice that your 4th archetype is the one you’re spending the most time in right now, or that you need to really activate another archetype to reach your next goal. This audit can be done through our Entrepreneurial Archetype Workshop.


Archetype Implementation

Implement your new and improved Archetype-Based strategies into your business by making new hires, coming up with new workflows, re-organizing your schedule, and so much more.

Our Mission

To provide architects, creators, coaches, and teachers across the globe with resources, education, and self-awareness required to follow through on their purpose.

Our Ethos

Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.

We want to end the problematic entrepreneurial culture that.

Our Vision

To empower conscious leaders to awaken to the power of their truest, most authentic nature and expression. We intend to unify leaders in diversity and authenticity.

Understand, align, and activate your inner Architect, Coach, Creator, and Teacher