23 Actionable Content Strategies For Your Entrepreneurial Archetype (Put Them To Use Today)

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Today, we’re breaking down 23 immediately actionable content creation strategies for your Entrepreneurial Archetype.

These are the exact strategies we’ve implemented across 20+ collective years building brands, hiring teams, and working directly with clients to leverage the unique power of each Entrepreneurial Archetype.

By the end of this article, you'll have:

  • Practical ideas for how to optimize your content creation
  • Clarity on why you may feel resistant to content creation
  • A clear understanding of how you best work when it comes to creating content
  • Increased awareness of where you may be losing energy in your content creation process. Plus, tips on how to get you back into alignment
  • A plan for setting up optimized, efficient, and compelling content strategies for your Entrepreneurial Archetype

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Marketing Is Difficult. Content Strategies For Your Entrepreneurial Archetype Change That.

Driving an online business requires entrepreneurs and creators to develop a seemingly never-ending stream of content.

Social posts, marketing copy, educational tools, client projects, programs, emails, ads, IG stories, TikToks, Facebook live streams – the list is long. It’s a full-time job. Effectiveness and efficiency are critical.

Now, posting content multiple times per week across multiple different platforms can be complex. Maximizing your brand requires a flowing stream of creative energy, along with a discipline for execution and following through.

Put lightly: the role itself is energy-intensive. To ensure it’s as energy-efficient as possible, you can use your Entrepreneurial Archetype Breakdown to help you find a strategy that makes your content creation efforts more effective.

Content Strategies

When Creator Is Your Primary or Secondary Archetype

You’ll naturally desire to use your social media platforms as a means of self-expression, whatever that looks like for you. Since you’re already drawn to social media, effectiveness is going to be about:

1. Choosing the most enlivening and authentic platform(s) for you

Above any strategy, your creativity will shine when you feel most easily self-expressed, so choosing the mediums and platforms you feel most drawn to is step one.

For example, some people have fallen in love with TikTok and Instagram Reels and have the most success there, rather than writing articles.

Some people adore shooting videos, visual creation, scripting, adding effects, and all of the things YouTube provides. Many enjoy podcast-style content with room to meander and have in-depth conversations.

2. Cultivating structure and external purpose

Without structure, you may feel disconnected and unmotivated to create content. Look, it might feel counterintuitive to your free-flowing nature, but the element of air will have you up in the clouds forever if you don’t ground yourself with the earth element (Teacher) and the fire element (Creator). If you’ve ever felt lost, fatigued, sloth-like, or like there’s too much mess happening in your mind—this is a sign, it’s time to integrate structure.

Some of the best ways to establish structure are:

  • Set deadlines for yourself for releasing content, launching offers, and completing projects
  • Having team members or a coach, you’re held accountable to maintain these deadlines
  • Finally, link your content to some sort of product or purpose, so you feel there’s a reason behind what you’re creating

3. Develop a creative flow practice

As the literal Creator, creativity comes naturally. Yet Creator Archetypes often forget the value of planned maintenance and activation of that core energy.

Build Space Into Your Calendar

Having room for your mind to access its natural wandering-wonders is imperative for your ability to create the magic you were here to do. You possess the most natural energy to be creative but protect your creative space fiercely. Provide yourself creative blocks with specific environments you know will active you into flow.

Utilize Movement

Moving the body allows for the stagnant, stuck energy in the body to release and free you up to connect to your creativity. Any time you use movement (exercise, walks, rungs, yoga, stretching, dancing, etc.), it can move that stuck energy and open up your field to receive those ideas and downloads that may have previously been blocked.

When Creator Is Your 3rd or 4th Archetype

Accessing creativity is less natural to you, which is entirely okay, as you have so many other incredible gifts! But when it comes time to ideate on content for your offer or develop graphics and assets that set your brand apart—you may get stuck. When Creator isn’t high on your Archetype Breakdown, it’s best to utilize these three different approaches.

When it comes to building content strategies for your Entrepreneurial Archetype, you must take into account where each of them lies in your personal breakdown.

1. Utilize your Primary or Secondary Archetypes to develop content

Your core Archetype has specific strengths in content creation. Even if you don’t find yourself naturally creative, your primary and secondary archetypes will help pull you through the content creation process so you can still have some level of effortless ease.

Entrepreneur: Systems, Optimization, and Firey Energy

Create a content ideation process, repurposing system, and posting system to get the most out of the assets you do create

Coach: Connection, Relatability, and Water Energy

Utilize inspiration from your clients and relationships to write content in your customer’s exact words. Your message will be irresistible to them.

Teacher: Organization, Education, and Earth Energy

Practicality and clarity will help boost your own brand credibility to the top of your field. Use your knowledge and share educational content that teaches your ideal customer the exact information they want and crave to know.

2. Develop an environment to support creative work

  • Content and creative work is a part of any entrepreneur and business owner’s process, so it’s not something I recommend completely ignoring and delegating it all immediately. Your business’s essence is rooted in your voice, your idea, your self-expression, even if Creator is low down for you.
  • Work on getting in touch with your inner Creator, your inner artist, your inner child. An incredible book for this practice is called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, which helps anyone access their inner artist through a series of exercises and routines.

3. Consider outsourcing creative work

Because Creator is lower on the scale for you, it’ll require more activation energy to start, work on, and complete the creative work required for your business. Some ways you can outsource and delegate content:

  • Leverage a podcast editor and producer to write show notes, edit your show, and develop graphic assets to share on social media
  • Find a graphic designer to create a brand guide for you with fonts, colors, and design elements, so your asset creation for your social content and different offers becomes easier
  • Use a content writer to help you get more content posted regularly on Instagram, your website, or your email list
  • Use or purchase Instagram Graphic Templates to start with some frameworks for your feed and story posts
  • Hire a consultant to help you develop your brand story, vibe, and narrative to help you build a content system that gives you ideas for months on end

When Coach Is Your Primary or Secondary Archetype

As a Coach Archetype, you’ll naturally desire to use your social media platform to connect with new clients and serve your audience from your heart. Allow your relationship, communication, and EQ skills to permeate your content and share experiences, lessons, and stories in your content.

The top ways to optimize your content creation process is to leverage your client’s understanding and write about the exact things they tell you.

Four ways to optimize this include:

1. Gather inspiration from current clients

The clients you communicate with daily are feeding you content ideas with every email, Voxer message, and coaching call.

Take notes on what you discussed and use those prompts for podcasts, videos, posts, or articles.

You can even ask your clients to come on your podcast and share their experiences or do free coaching sessions on Instagram live to show off your coaching skills and make content at the same time.

2. Take notes on enrolment calls

The #1 hub for collecting marketing copy and content ideas are enrollment calls. As you’re digging into their history, desires, most significant challenges, core wounds, fears, and objections—take notes!

That’s perfect content for your future marketing and social media posts.

3. Spend time having DM conversations

Building relationships comes naturally, and your customers will absolutely feel that when they get to have conversations back and forth with you.

The best way to start conversations is to ask questions about something they’re interested in. Showing curiosity about what’s going on with them creates reciprocity and interest to continue building a relationship with you.

Relationships are a crucial way to build trust with your audience, along with a critical unlock for creating content. With permission and consent, you can also ask if they wouldn’t mind if you shared a screenshot of the conversation on your story.

4. Use the question feature on Instagram

The question feature on Instagram is a simple way to prompt people to communicate with you. Give them the chance to ask the questions they’ve been dying to ask, and offer cues like, “ask me about this recipe, or how I go about putting together a meal.”

This gives you the chance to be interactive and create content for the rest of your audience at the same time.

When Coach Is Your 3rd or 4th Archetype

Coach Archetype plays a significant role in content success because it’s what you call upon when you need to understand your ideal customer and connect with them.

If Coach is lower on your Archetype Breakdown, it requires more activation energy to communicate with people—especially on social media. You may also feel like you don’t totally know the person you’re trying to speak to, and your engagement is falling short. If this is you, utilize these tips to optimize the content process for your Entrepreneurial Archetype:

1. Batch market research

  • Plan to have some “coach” phases you enter into specifically to receive the information you need to ensure you’re getting what you need.
  • Have a focused period where you interview leads, have a few calls with customers, send out feedback surveys, and set the intention to truly understand them.

2. Utilize psychographics

  • When it comes to building out your customer avatar and writing sales copy, it’s essential to become aware of their pain, struggles, emotional experience, wounds, desires, fears, and everything internal.
  • Demographics are basic things like age, location, and career, whereas psychographics makes up their psyche. Check out this exercise to develop and understand your IC.

3. Create an engagement system

  • Social media engagement has a lot of “coach energy.” When Coach is lower down in your breakdown–creating a process around ensuring this gets done (effectively) will be incredibly helpful for you.
  • Whether it’s having blocked time specifically around responding to messages, creating some templated (and customizable!) responses, or even a “reach out” process you do weekly or monthly to your new followers…setting this up will be a game-changer.

When Teacher Is Your Primary or Secondary Archetype

As a Teacher Archetype, you’ll naturally gravitate toward educational content on your social media platform, be it infographics, demonstration videos, talking-head lesson videos, or articles breaking down the information you’re an expert on. To leverage your Teacher archetype on social media, use the following strategies:

1. Create and use frameworks

Some examples include frameworks for content delivery (like the Entrepreneurial Archetypes), Instagram Graphic templates, pre-created files for captions, infographics, or articles. The possibilities for creating a structure are endless.

This allows you to create entertaining and easy-to-consume content for your audience.

Acronyms, charts, graphics, Venn diagrams, lists, or other visuals are examples of repeatable graphic frameworks.

  • Canva Templates
  • Article Templates
  • YouTube Video Templates
  • Podcast Script Templates

2. Consistently focus on learning

  • Learning from others and being the student allows you to be in the height of your creativity. Because you’re meant to be in the teacher role, you can access that more by regularly being in the student role.
  • Being involved in a course, program, reading research, reading a book, listening to a podcast, and gathering your own information allows you to create more context for how you can disseminate that for your audience.

3. Content repurposing

Since your brain works like a content system, repurpose your educational content by creating a repurposing flow.

Take articles you write or podcasts you record, and break them up into different Instagram posts, emails, or stories.

You’ll naturally desire to use your social media platforms, business, and “stages” to educate your audience. trust that energy is your most potent, most natural, and most effective for your brand’s expansion.

Keep teaching and educating your audience in a way that feels the most like “you.”

When Teacher Is Your 3rd or 4th Archetype

Suppose Teacher is low on your Entrepreneurial Archetype Breakdown. In that case, it means you have to activate more to create educational content, webinars, resources, infographics, or other types of content-based in the Teacher Archetype.

You may have an easy time connecting with your audience or even developing an unbeatable monetization strategy—but if people don’t trust that you’re an authority in your niche, you’ll become stuck and frustrated.

The Teacher is the embodiment of content organization and structure; meaning, they take information and organize it into easy-to-understand, practical educational pieces.

This type of content is a part of what enhances brand credibility and reputation for being an expert and authority in your field.

  • Develop Content Templates
  • List Posts
  • Side By Side
  • Pie Chart
  • This Vs. That
  • Venn Diagram

1. Shift from conceptual to tactical

Shifting from conceptual to tactical means turning into your brain’s right side and communicating information with implementable outcomes. This looks like making sure you have:

  • An easily readable structure to your content
  • A place where people can find the key takeaways very quickly
  • Tactical next steps they can take
  • A tool to walk them through the exact process of said next step

2. Develop learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are clear descriptions of your students’ learning after your course, webinar, speaking gig, podcast, or article.

This allows you to define what you desire people to have learned by the end, which will unveil how to organize and deliver the information.

For example, by the end of this article, the reader will have exact action steps to enhance their content creation based on their Entrepreneurial Archetype

When Architect Your Primary or Secondary Archetype

As an Architect Archetype, you naturally see social media for the system it is. You don’t want to waste your time on one-post-at-a-time content, so you’re going to lean into finding ways to optimize your content as much as possible.

This is incredible because you can really grow your email list and audience size when you’re repurposing content on multiple platforms—which is exactly what systems are for.

The top ways you can optimize your content creation process is to leverage your big-picture perspective.

1. Strategic content ideation

Coming up with your entire content plan–the main themes, the content ideas, the content calendar, the repurposing workflow, data visualization, and team delegation–is going to be your jam.

The more time you can spend developing the system and strategy, the easier it’ll be for you to deploy it.

2. Strategic creative time curation

Since you’re great at optimizing your time, you can be strategic about optimizing your creative time. Create a plan of action to get into a creative state: close other loops, time block, prepare ahead of time, and ensure you are in an environment where you can focus.

3. Systematized content repurposing

It likely feels frustrating and bothersome to you to spend an hour working on one Instagram post that no one will see tomorrow—so shift the narrative.

You can optimize your content creation by creating a system to repurpose an article into three Instagram posts, two emails, two Facebook posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, and a podcast.

This will ensure your creative time is giving you the most bang for your buck.

When Architect is Your 3rd or 4th Archetype

Social media content creation for Architects can be a full-time job: from regularly writing free-content that adds value to your audience daily to writing sales pages and marketing emails that sell your offers to filming videos and recording podcasts to ensure people experience your brand on different mediums. When you’re only posting one piece of content on one platform, it can feel like you’re wasting your time if you’re not repurposing it onto different platforms. This is where you can activate your Architect Archetype to optimize your content creation, so you never have to feel like you’re wasting time again.

1. Develop a content repurposing system

Sensing a trend, here?

Creating one Instagram post at a time can only get that work you did so far, so instead of posting once and forgetting about it – leverage it.

Repurpose your Instagram post:

  • On your Instagram Story as a few slides
  • As an email to your email list
  • As a Facebook post formatted to Facebook

Repurpose an article or podcast as:

  • 3 Instagram posts
  • 2 emails
  • 2 facebook posts
  • 1 tweet
  • 1 podcast episode/article

2. Hire a content team to support

Content creation has multiple different roles that can be outsourced for optimization, dependent on your business’s size. While systems and approaches vary, the steps of content creation include:

  • Ideation (Visionary)
  • Strategy (Visionary / Consultant / Business Coach)
  • Content Writing (Visionary/Face of the Brand/Writer]
  • Graphic Creation (Graphic Designer/Visionary)
  • Photoshoots (Visionary/Photographer)
  • Editing (Visionary/Content Editor/Assistant)
  • Distribution (Visionary/Assistant)
  • Repurposing and Recycling (Assistant)

So, hire and outsource the places you struggle with or have the most resistance to when developing content strategies for your Entrepreneurial Archetype.

Exactly What To Do Next

Look, 23 content strategies for your Entrepreneurial Archetype is a lot to digest.

So, here’s exactly what to do next to immediately improve your content creation process through the lens of your Entrepreneurial Archetype:

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Implement two strategies for your Primary Archetype from the list above.
  2. Choose two strategies from your weakest area (third or fourth position.
  3. Create an action plan for how you’ll implement them this week.

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