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With the rise of the coaching and digital education industries, entrepreneurs have popped up in record numbers over the last decade.

Business educators, coaches, and companies alike have found great success in producing content, assets, programs, and courses to help serve this entrepreneurial community in its growth – but there’s something missing.

Not only is information difficult to access (expensive courses and masterminds), but it is often unvetted, unproven, and biased to the perspective of the creator.

One-size does not fit all.

Our Entrepreneurial Mission

We see a world where entrepreneurs everywhere can have access to the information they need grow in one centralized location, while the contributors of that information (you, the expert) benefit from adding to this library of knowledge.

A New Way To Gain Exposure Within The Entrepreneurial Community

EAUniverse enables experts to amplify their reputation directly within the entrepreneurial community by monetizing their expertise in a low-commitment, high-return platform. EAUniverse Contibutors can gain new customers and expand their audience through content by contributing to the body of knowledge available to those on the front lines of growth.

By contributing extremely rich, high-value resources to the library, you can receive public validation, recognition, and visibility from the community based on the quality of the information, rather than how “marketable” it is.

What Our Current Ambassadors Have To Say

What's In It For You

The Payoff:
What's In It For You

Through our algorithm and technology, contributors can get easily found, rated, and propped up for their contributions without having to create constant daily content in order to make that happen.

Entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators can easily find (through filters, search-ability and algorithmic recommendations) the exact information and resources they need to run their specific businesses.

  • Visibility and exposure of your high-value content
  • Additional low-lift traffic and revenue source
  • A “home” for your body of work on your EAUnivese Portfolio
    Flexibility to add as much or as little as you desire
    Free marketing from the EAUniverse to you and your contributions
  • Additional low-lift traffic and revenue source
  • More value, exposure, and transactions over time
  • Establish yourself as a strategic authority on a specific subject matter
  • Package your information and get exposure to it with no fluff
  • Can lead back to your business, you can build community directly within the platform
  • Develop immortalized asserts that continue to increase in value the longer they’re on the platform
  • Have your clients and customers rate you, provide reviews, and develop true credibility through public measures
  • The content blows up and gains traction because it’s extremely useful for people, not just because of you or your brand.
  • Ease in adding and sharing your information in a single-module format–primarily written, with options to add video, audio, charts, exercises, fill-in-the-blanks, and images
Who We Are Looking For

When you become an Contributor, you become part of the EAU family, and we take care of our own.

As an ambassador, you will receive:

  • EAU Access – Unlimited access to the EA Universe.
  • Growth Tools – Access to our suite of growth-marketing tools to help grow your own business.
  • Ambassador Profile – An “Ambassador” profile in the EAU community that includes an Ambassador tag, a unique profile page, and inclusion on our Ambassadors list and Thought-Leaders page.
  • Commissions – A % recurring commission on all members that join because of you, as well as a % commission on all future member expansion sales.
  • High-Impact Community – Access to the EA Universe Ambassador community surrounding you with other high-impact entrepreneurs passionate about growing their business.

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