The Coach

My calling is to serve and support others in their transformation. I work to inspire, motivate, and create space for the goals and visions of my clients. I help clients turn ideas into tangible action through my sharply honed guidance and mentorship abilities.

The key indicator of those with coach energy is a focus on people. Regardless of what modality the Coach Archetype uses to serve their audience, their main directive is to serve and add value. The Coach Archetype is a magnet within their sphere of influence, and they commonly find themselves surrounded by people that they can help, support, and guide. The greatest coaches are those who teach others to help themselves. This archetype is a conduit for helping others to unlock dormant potential. #TeamSaveTheWorld.

Coaches thrive in conversations that focus on human experiences and have an inclination to understand the deeper reasons why people face struggles and challenges.

It is critically important for coaches to take care of themselves, set healthy boundaries, and make it a practice to fill their cups. 

Coaches are sensitive, empathetic, patient, and adept at developing and maintaining relationships.

An Coaches' Core Motivators

Transformation, Service, and Connection

The Coaches'

Core Qualities

Coaches are the ones who are in the process with someone–keep them accountable, work through their challenges, question their belief systems, understand their depth, and help them change behaviors and heal from conditioned patterns.

Coaches' Classes

The Primary + Secondary Archetypes

Your Primary Archetype is your Zone of Genuis.

Your Secondary Archetype is your Zone of Safety.

Together, they create the 12 sub-types, which we Classes. For each Archetype, there are three sub-classes.

Coach / Architect


You see the opportunity to revolutionize the transformation world by creating a business that turns out world-class coaches and service providers. You have mastered the art of your service-based craft and built a successful business around it. Go you. 

Coach / Teacher


You see the opportunity to revolutionize the transformation world by creating a business that turns out world-class coaches and service providers. You have mastered the art of your service-based craft and built a successful business around it. Go you. 

Coach / Creator


Your social media platform is the life-blood of your lead generation efforts. You find that your mind is abuzz with ideas once you get off coaching calls and the content you create resounds with that creative energy. Your self-expression and creative nature serve you in your branding efforts. You cannot help standing out from the crowd–it is who you are.

Coaches' Strengths

The coach is a humanist – someone who focuses on the person(s) they are serving. You are quite likable, relatable, and a safe space for clients to heal, transform and make impactful changes in their lives. 

Service Oriented

They always want to make sure the client is well-served, well taken care of, and receiving the best experience possible.

Hold Spaces

At their best, coaches hold space for someone's process, challenges, and slow-to-change behaviors or patterns. 


They are feelers; able to feel and experience (to the extent they can) what it’s like to be in their client's shoes.


They don't mind waiting, taking a bit longer for things to make progress, or when someone's having a tough time.


They care about the person they're serving, and create genuine relationships with many of their clients


Coaches are open to sharing their stories, their hearts, and their experiences–their audience and clients relate to them on a human level.

Long Relationships

Coaches love building long-lasting relationships with the people they work with and nurturing them as they both work and grow together.


Coaches are highly communicative, and make sure that everyone around them, feels connected and heard.

The Coaches' Expression

Each archetype expresses itself through different levels of personal, conscious development and triggers.

When this archetype is expressing itself in healthy ways, it’s working at it’s best and can truly thrive. When it’s expressing itself in unhealthy ways, there’s unresolved wounding, trauma, or core belief systems that are manifesting as unhelpful (or even harmful) sets of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions.

The Coaches'


Clear Boundaries

Clear boundaries set around a coach’s time, energy, prices, and social media allow the coach to serve from a full cup.

Satisfied and Thriving Clients

Coaches who are in touch with their worth are deeply expressed in their ability to provide a transformative service.

Engaged Audience

When coaches are running on their authentic energy, they love to build relationships with their audience–resulting in a deeply engaged platform and dedicated community– regardless of the size.

Closeness & Intimacy

Clients and audience members feel close to a well-grounded coach, even if they haven’t worked with them yet. Their community as a whole is tapped into the shared experience of their brand. 

The Coaches'


Lack of Boundaries

Coaches who haven’t dealt with their co-dependent behaviors fear disappointing clients, so they’ll extend boundaries to avoid conflict or discord.

Hero/Helper Complex

Helping people expressed through the lens of the ego can turn into a “hero” complex; taking on the responsibility to “fix” the person.

People Pleasing

To avoid conflict, coaches will behave in ways they perceive others want them to as to not upset or disturb anyone.

Energy Mismanagement

When overwhelmed by the amount they’ve extended themselves, coaches mismanage their energy in other areas of their life to overcompensate for their fatigue.

Honoring This Archetype

The Coach Archetype is an absolutely imperative role in society and communities. Honour your role by living up to it's fullest potential.

To honor the Coach, provide yourself with a full cup first and foremost. Coaches are givers, caretakers, and nurturers; however, they do not need to martyr themselves to do well at their job.

Let go of any preconceived notions that your needs matter less than anyone else’s. There’s always a way to set healthy boundaries and agreements around your time and energy and still be deeply of service.

Enhance your coaching skills and mastery by investing in experiences where you are facilitated by others.

Remember; you can only take your clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself.


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