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The Innovation Archetype

The Architect

You are Visionary with the Systems-Brain to Create Change

Architects are here to challenge the status quo, innovate, solve problems, envision the future and create working systems that ensure efficacy, efficiency, change, and impact.​

The People Archetype

The Coach

You are the Coach with the Service-Oriented Heart to Deeply Transform

The coach is here to serve and support people in transformation by holding space for the depth of experience, creating safety, and holding the highest vision of my clients.

The Expression Archetype

The Creator

You are the Creative with the Unique Perspective to Inspire Authenticity

Creator are here to receive ideas and release them to the world through their creative process. Their expression is their highest form of service and informs their business model.s

The Education Archetype

The Teacher

You are the Teacher with Information-Based Frameworks designed to impact.

Teachers educate, inform, and use their power of knowledge responsibly. Their priority is learning, methodology creation, and information dissemination for their audience to learn.

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