EAUniverse Onboarding

Welcome to the Ambassador team!
Please follow these simple steps to get started!

Step 1.

Watch The Ambassador Onboarding Video

We know you probably have a ton of questions, so please watch the onboarding ambassador video to get up to speed!

Step 2.

Get Your Unique Affiliate Links

We use a platform called FirstPromoter to track all of your ambassador sign-ups. Please sign up to get your unique links so we can give credit where credit is due!

Step 3.

Complete Your W8/W9 Forms

We are a US company and we are required to file a W8/W9 for all people who get paid by us. In order to receive your ambassadors, please first fill out your appropriate W9 (USA citizen) or W8 (non-USA citizen) and send it back to [email protected]

Step 4.

Download and Share Your Ambassador Assets

Canva Template
IG Post Template

A whole bunch of awesome branded IG Post templates for you to use!

Canva Template
IG Story Template

A whole bunch of awesome branded IG Story-based templates for you to use!

EAU Talking Points & Scripts

Some simple, but impactful talking points so we are unified in how we speak about EAU.