EAUniverse Onboarding

Welcome to the Ambassador team!
Please follow these simple steps to get started!

Step 1.

Watch The Ambassador Onboarding Video

We know you probably have a ton of questions, so please watch the onboarding ambassador video to get up to speed!

Step 2.

Get Your Unique Affiliate Links

We use a platform called FirstPromoter to track all of your ambassador sign-ups. Please sign up to get your unique links so we can give credit where credit is due!

Step 3.

Complete Your W8/W9 Forms

We are a US company and we are required to file a W8/W9 for all people who get paid by us. In order to receive your ambassadors, please first fill out your appropriate W9 (USA citizen) or W8 (non-USA citizen) and send it back to hello@eauniverse.io.

Step 4.

Download and Share Your Ambassador Assets

Canva Template
IG Post Template

Awesome branded IG Post templates for you to use!

Canva Template
IG Story Template

Awesome branded IG Story templates for you to use!

EAU Talking Points & Scripts

Simple, impactful talking points so we are unified on EAU.

Starter Guide Handbook For Ambassadors

Welcome to the Ambassador team!
Please follow these simple steps to get started!

The EAUniverse Ambassador Program understands the value of your brand support and who you are as a content creator– because that’s who we are too!

This is why we’re most interested in creating a legitimate global team of EAUniverse Ambassadors that are synonymous with our internal EAU squad and team.

We want to introduce and implement the Archetypes to feel as seamless for you and your brand as possible, so it’s truly at your discretion how frequently it makes sense to post.

Making your Archetype-based content integration seamless will be an ongoing process that we will work WITH you on regularly, but here’s a couple ways that you can help promote the EAUniverse and Archetypes:

  • IG story slides post with affiliate link
  • Reels and stitch reels with EAU or other Ambassadors
  • Storytelling in a wall post
  • P.S. at the bottom of newsletters
  • Dedicated Archetype Educational Content
  • Sharing when you grew using the archetype system
  • A screen share of the platform with your audience on stories

Here’s a checklist of what we recommend to make the initial launch a success for all of us:

  • 3 x sets of story posts (reshare old posts, use swipe copy, or share graphics to story)
  • 1 x introductory education on the Archetypes and your relationship with them (face-to-story or written slides)
  • 1 x official announcement of your partnership
  • 1 x post of your experience with the platform and the archetypes
  • 1 x wall post/reel (educating your audience on the archetype and/or promoting the platform) 
  • 3 x emails to your mailing list
  • 1 x YouTube Video,Reel,  Podcast, or Article about your experience with the Archetype Quiz/platform (Optional) 
  • Drop the link to your bio

Along with posting on your social media we do require your active participation in the EAUniverse platform. This could look like:

  • Responding to questions and make conversations in the community ‘Spaces’
  • Participating in the Give Help, Get Help office hours every Tuesday 12pm EST with takes place in the “Give Help/Get Help” space
  • Ask questions in the Community ‘Spaces’